music royalties

While, every time we pay for a pint in our favorite pub, a fraction of that money should flow back to the legitimate owners of the music we are listen to, more often than not, these payments never make it to their destination. The music industry and the almost monopoly of streaming services get bigger and bigger, while in the same time, independent artists and labels struggle to stay in business. Solomon Ears, offers innovative solutions by implementing advanced technology, turning in the same time, piracy in favor of the rightful owners of the audiovisual works, without additional costs to the end users.

innovation for the music industry

Solomon Ears is the solution to a 150 years old and complex problem. Efficient and democratic bestowal of the rights of artists, producers, distributors, labels. Royalties attribution was always the elephant in the room. Solomon Ears will disrupt the way we keep track of what is popular, making use of the latest advancements like the blockchain platforms and the distributed ledger technology along with the affordable systems on a chip and the advanced computing machines, we will build a network that will patrol every single place playing music, keeping track of what it is played, where, when, for how long, what was played before, what came after. Vast data! Solomon Ears will disrupt the way the music industry approaches data collection and performance analysis of its products using the same network of machines, having this way a deeper knowledge of the impact music have in general. Solomon Ears will disrupt the way artists are rewarded for their intellect, equalizing a multi billion industry favoring the weaker. It will start on the local scale where non so famous and established artists struggle to prove their talent and young and independent can't establish relations with the big labels. Stimulation of quality art is guaranteed. Solomon Ears will disrupt piracy as we know it. It will not matter anymore if a song has been bought or downloaded. As soon as it will be "heard" by Solomon Ears it will be attributed and thus, generate royalties. Pirates will become the music retailers of tomorrow.

innovation for the young artists

A study in 2013 showed that the 1% of the superstar artists are actually earning the 77% of the total revenues inside the music industry. Today the situation is probably worst. Young artists, who are mostly amongst the remaining 99%, are aware of that statistic and they are reluctant to be involved. It is them that ask for a radical change in the way they are rewarded for their work in secure and efficient environments. This is exactly what Solomon Ears delivers: transparency and democracy in the royalties attribution along with confinement of piracy. Such an environment can only be built using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. It is secure, transparent, cost efficient, easily and fast deployable from a local node to a vast network without compromises. It is also highly scalable and can show results instantly making it a sure winner. Systematic use of Solomon Ears can bring back young people in the music industry giving them an honest chance to be real participants, earning money from their intellect and be creative and useful. The changing economy affects mostly the young that are based in small and medium places, away from the big metropolises. They are away from structures where they could cultivate their skills and talents. This is exactly what Solomon Ears delivers: acknowledgment of the rights on a work of intellect even for those who are away from the big labels and distribution companies. Efficiency and equality for all artists.

innovation from local to global

Solomon Ears is extremely scalable because it was conceived that way from the very beginning. It can monitor the music scene of a small city to the music industry of the entire world. It is based on the most secure blockchain platform ever built and it will revolutionize not only the way artists get paid and acknowledged but it will, for the first time, make piracy work for the music industry. We will no longer try to shut pirates down simply because they will be our best retailers. We will not have to monitor sales and charts anymore because we will have Solomon Ears everywhere working relentlessly for the artists and labels. We will not fear monopolies and questionable tactics anymore because we will have Solomon Ears. The transparent, efficient, democratic and secure system of royalties attribution Solomon Ears as a device, is based on a relatively cheap system on chip, which could be distributed and installed by the national royalties collector agency, in every single place that plays music and therefore is obligated on paying royalties. On the other hand, Solomon Ears premium device is a powerful computer, not only capable to execute the same smart contracts within the blockchain platform but also confirm the blockchain itself. Solomon Ears premium users will have access to the vast data that the Solomon Ears network will produce and thus it will become a powerful tool for the various characters in the music industry, such as producers, distributors, labels and the artists themselves. Solomon Ears will make money not only from the sales of the devices but also, and with much higher margin, from the management of the vast database that the network of Solomon Ears will create. We will deploy the first node of the network installation locally, in a medium cluster of pubs in Oxford and then we will expand, building nodes of Solomon Ears networks in other major cities in the UK. We will also cooperate with PPT/PRS and the IFPI music communities in order to serve the people involved in the music industry in a democratic, transparent and secure way. From the young independent songwriters to the well established singers and their labels. Music royalties attribution